Establish Your Regimen

RADIANT HEALTH & WELLNESS offers 1/2 hour stretch/ Foam Rolling, Qi Healing sessions with packages ranging from 5 -100 sessions. All workouts are designed to meet your therapeutic, recreational, day to day and athletic developmental needs. Program adaptations and progress charting are implemented with our method of training techniques. Our trainers offer alternative unique modalities for your specific needs to accelerate the healing of your mind body and spirit. Let us develop the best plan for you.
Single Sessions start at $170 per hour and $90 per 1/2 hour.

  • On-Site Personal Training                        
  •  N.A.S.M. Certified 
  • Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • Performance Enhancement Specialist
  • Group Personal Trainer
  • Youth Exercise Specialist
  • Qi-Gong Healer Practitioner
  • Restorative Justice Circle Keeper
  • Circles of Empowerment





5 sessions

Our base package: For those who embrace their inner need for a kickstart and are initially only able to make a minimal investment of time to their health and power regime.

($155 per session)

10 sessions

Our starter package: For those seriously considering implementing a complete change to their lifestyle of health and beauty.

($150 per session)

20 sessions

Our "ready for deep transformational change" package: The name says it all.

($145 per session)

  • Low-income scholarships available
  • We  offer packages of 50 and 100 sessions
  • Corporate packaging  available
  • A-List recommendation rewards